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Eliminating the conventional cafe method and coming up with a mobile cafe setup, Coffeewaala brand came to origin in March 2021 starting its operations with 3 mobile specialized carts in FARIDABAD City of Delhi-NCR Region.

The concept was loved city-wide and the brand decided to diversify its presence in South Delhi adding 13 more carts making a total of 16 carts all over Faridabad and Delhi. Every bottle made freshly daily in the kitchen with proprietary blends, the taste was loved by the people to the level that, the brand started getting a lot of Franchise enquiries.

Be A Coffee Waala Partner

We will set up the back kitchen in your city and train your chef / barista in accordance with best industry practices. The cart servers shall stock up and serve at locations we decide mutually

We provide full logistics & marketing support to grow a healthy, self-sustaining and inclusive business.

  • Low Capital Expenditure: Get started without a hefty initial investment.
  • High ROI: Experience returns as high as up to 140% on your investment.
  • Be Your Own Boss: We empower you to be the captain of your ship. Trained by us, managed by you, follow your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Year-Round Business: No off-season; enjoy consistent revenue throughout the year.
  • Low Rentals, Multiple Revenue Streams: Keep overheads low while exploring various avenues for income.
  • Low Breakeven Point: Start making profits from day one of operation.
  • Comprehensive Training: Equip yourself with essential skills and streamlined processes.
  • All-Time Back-End Support: We've got your back whenever you need assistance.
  • Complimentary Social Media Boost: Enjoy a complimentary month of targeted ad posting on social media.
  • Quick Start: Begin your journey within just 30 days with our efficient 30-day roll-out period.
  • Join us and pave the way for a lucrative and fulfilling business venture!

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Franchise Model (Inter-City model)

Here, we'll set up a kitchen for you and offer you fully furnished carts and offer you training on how to produce and manage stock and also consult on market research.

Through our platforms, we'll promote your franchisee and help you grow your business.

A Minimum of 3 carts will be provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we start with a single Cart?
No, Due to economics of this business, we provide our partners with minimum of a 3 cart so that they can generate a handsome return through multiple selling points and most of the fixed expenses like Rent, Kitchen manager salary costs are same for a single and a three cart model. So, taking up one cart would not generate good returns.
2. Any space required?
Yes, for an investment of 3 carts/5 carts, A kitchen space is required of around 400-500 sq. feets. Since, bottles are made daily fresh in the kitchen and carts are parked overnight in this godown for charging purposes.
3. Do you guys charge royalty fees?
No, the brand doesn't charge any royalty fees on your sales but there is a contract renewal fees which is charged on renewal of the stipulated contract period.
4. What gross margins do we get ?
A Weighted-average GROSS MARGIN of 46-48% is acheived and usually a net margin of 26-30% is achieved when a business usually performs based as per average business trend of other units/franchisee.
5. How much bottles do we usually sell in a day?
Usually, as per collective average business trend, 45-55 products are sold per day per cart totaling a sales of around Rs. 9500-12500 per day and a monthly sales of around Rs. 2.9-3.75 lacs
6. How much hours are required to be devoted?
Usually in the beginning, 3-5 hours on a daily basis are enough but once all market placements are settled, business can perform on an auto-pilot mode and require a minimal amount of supervision.
7. How many staff required? Is staff arranged by us?
For 3 carts, 4 people are required and for 5 carts 6 people are required, 1 person being a kitchen manager and rest being cart captains. Staff is arranged local by a franchisee partner only but we put up ads for you when required and give you the necessary leads for interviews.